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Smaller companies looking to ditch VMware for open-source alternatives like Proxmox in the wake of aggressive price hikes have been stymied by a lack of support for widely used backup/DR software like Veeam. 

Good news for them: Veeam just announced that it will be adding support for Proxmox VE – with general availability (GA) scheduled for Q3. 

Imminent Veeam Proxmox support follows on the heels of its recently launched support for Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager. 

The backup specialist now supports vSphere, Hyper-V, Nutanix AHV, Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager and Red Hat Virtualization, as well as the trio of cloud hyperscalers: AWS, Azure and Google Cloud.

Veeam Proxmox support: Immutable cloud backs and “native support for tape” too

John Jester, CRO at Veeam said in a canned statement today that its introduction of Proxmox VE support addresses “the challenges currently faced by our customers as they struggle with hard decisions in order to keep their data safe and protected, and their businesses running.”

Veeam’s move will let customers make immutable on-premises and cloud backups of Proxmox VE VMs as well as “native support for tape and for rotated drives to achieve true airgap at the lowest possible cost” and let customers restore VMs from vSphere, Hyper-V or public cloud to Proxmox VE and vice versa “reducing downtime and maximizing productivity.”

Martin Maurer, CEO of Proxmox said: “Veeam delivering comprehensive Proxmox VE backup in Veeam Data Platform further validates and acknowledges customers’ demands and desire for data freedom…”

In positive news for VMware fans meanwhile and bucking recent tradition under new owner Broadcom, the company just confirmed that desktop hypervisor products Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro will have licences for personal use. Product manager Michael Roy has more details here.

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